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Your personalised plan is called the ReCODE Report which is created through your account you set up directly with AHNP Precision Health (Professor Bredesen's company).

What we do:
We act as coaches and facilitators, not as doctors, and have created step-by-step educational tools to help you navigate through the process of signing up with AHNP Precision Health, obtaining your ReCODE Report through AHNP, understanding their materials and guides, and Bredesen's Monthly Town Hall meetings.

If you do not have a doctor who is registered with AHNP, we can facilitate by acting as a link with AHNP. Depending on your location, we may be able to assist with connecting you with a doctor if you do not currently have one. We have successfully worked with clients and their doctors in Malaysia, Italy, Turkey, New Zealand, and Australia.

Within your account with AHNP Precision Health, you will find your ReCODE Report as well as several guides on subjects such as nutrition, lifestyle, brain training, meditation, exercise, etc.

In our experience since early 2016 with the Bredesen Protocol, the main concern and challenge participants are experiencing is HOW to navigate through the protocol.

They want to know:
- Where to start and how to start
- What resources do they need
- How to build a support network
- How to start building new habits
- How to make step-by-step changes
- Where to focus their energies
- How to cope with change and stress
- How to increase social activities and feel less isolated
- How to dine out, socialize and stay on the protocol
- How to make foods more interesting
- How to stay motivated, and bring more joy into their lives
We address these aspects and many more everyday concerns and questions through our services

What we don't do:
Diagnose or treat
Act as doctors or registered medical professionals
Make claims nor guarantee results

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We are experienced Public Speakers, recent engagements include:

2018 August: Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference
Brisbane, Australia
Dave Jenkins presentation: "Halting The Decline in Alzheimer's-The science and case studies of an effective therapeutic lifestyle-based program"

2018 May: Sydney Northern Beaches Council - Dementia Prevention
Balgowlah, Dee Why, Avalon and Forestville, Sydney Australia
Organized a series of talks with the Northern Beaches Council including Dave Jenkins' presentation: "Risk Factors and Tips to Change Your Behaviour"

2018 March: ACNEM - Neuroinflammatory Conditions
Sunshine Coast, Australia
Dave Jenkins and Miki Okuno 2 hour presentation: "Principals, Assessments, and Case Studies for the Bredesen Protocols"
and 1 hour presentation: "Guidelines for Achieving Compliance and Optimal Outcomes with the Bredesen Protocols"

2017 October: Alzheimer's Australia's Biennial National Dementia Conference 2017
Melbourne, Australia
Dave Jenkins poster presentation with Val Schache: "Bredesen Protocol Simplified/Explained"

2017 May: ACNEM Brain Health Conference
Melbourne, Australia
Dave Jenkins 15 Minute Presentation: "The Bredesen Protocol"

2017 March: Northland Alzheimer's Association
Northland, New Zealand
Dave Jenkins 2 hour seminar: "Hope on the Horizon for Reversal of Early Alzheimer's"

2016 November: Alzheimer's New Zealand Conference
Wellington, New Zealand
Co-authored by Professor Dale Bredesen and presented by Dave Jenkins: 15 minute abstract "Reversal of Cognitive Decline with a Multi-faceted Metabolic Enhancement Protocol"

2014 February: TEDxManly - Do Something That Matters
Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia
Dave Jenkins Presentation on starting his charity SurfAid International

Other presentations:
2015 Keynote on Optimal Health to the Four Seasons Asia Pacific Spa Conference - Bali, Indonesia
2015 Optimal Health, Anti-Aging & Productivity Retreat - Shangri La,Thailand
2014 Keynote on High Return Philanthropy - Belize
2014 Keynote on Health & Longevity at the Younger Summit - Bali, Indonesia
2013 Keynote on Philanthropy to Stansberry & Associates clients in Singapore
2013 Presentation on the SurfAid Story to University of California San Diego Medical Faculty - California, USA
2012 Keynote on Behavior Change to Pacific Public Health Conference - Hawaii, USA
2012 Keynote on Philanthropy to BT Financial Annual Conference - Sydney, Australia
2011 Keynote on Behavior Change to the World Conference on Drowning - Vietnam

Presentations available online are linked above, indicated in blue. To request services for Public Speaking/Education, please contact us. Past presentations may be available on request to assess suitability for your event.

Please note: Dave Jenkins is a retired doctor and not practicing as nor registered as a doctor

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