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Please complete the following to send an inquiry for our programs. Your data is sent securely and will not be shared. Please provide us with your best email address to contact you. We will review your data and contact you regarding the possibility for suitability. You should receive a confirmation email if your submission went through (Ensure your email address is correct. If you do not receive an email, please check your junk mail folder).

We recommend reading Professor Dale Bredsen's book "The End of Alzheimer's" and the paper we co-published with Professor Bredesen and practitioners in the USA in 2018 for details on the protocol. This is not required for a consultation, but will be if you choose to join one of our programs.

If you are completing this form for another person (e.g. parent, friend, partner) please fill in "Name of Participant", leave blank otherwise. The age and country are relevant to the intended participant, rather than the person completing the form.

Please note that we do not make any claims as to the efficacy of the program or protocol nor guarantee results. Dave Jenkins is a retired doctor and not currently practicing as nor registered as a doctor. Please see disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

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