New Zealand Alzheimer's Reversal Client Shows Rapid Improvement

Watch the video to hear how quickly he improved on the Bredesen Protocol

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer's type dementia in 2015, Roy's memory and life were deteriorating. His wife Trish contacted us in October 2016 and they describe his improvement in cognition and outlook after just 4 months on our 12 month Alzheimer's Reversal Program.

Maria, a community advisor for Alzheimer's Northland explains this is the first time she has ever seen someone with dementia get better. Video dated March 2017, Roy officially began our program November 2016.

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Over 100 participants reversed symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease/Cognitive Decline in trials


You may have read or been advised that "nothing can be done" to improve, slow or reverse Alzheimer's Disease. But evidence to the contrary is being revealed and gaining traction worldwide.

After 30 years of research, Professor Dale Bredesen, a neuroscientist at UCLA has developed protocols restoring memory loss and other cognitive functions in over 100 cases of early Alzheimer’s and its precursors of Mild and Subjective Cognitive Decline. This represents a greater than 90% success rate and is an unprecedented scientific breakthrough.

We are the first practitioners in Australia and New Zealand to be trained in these Reversal and Prevention protocols and provide a range of services to save yours or your loved ones memories.

The big mistake is people leave it too late. If you or your loved ones have or are worried about losing your memory and your life to Alzheimer’s then please read on about how we can help you prevent and restore memory and other cognitive functions.


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