Reversal Program

12 Month program following the Protocols which reversed 90% of Alzheimer's and cognitive impairment in trials

For those who have begun to demonstrate symptoms of memory loss or cognitive decline including Subjective Cognitive Impairment, Mild Cognitive Impairment and early Alzheimer's Disease.

You may have read or been told that "nothing can be done" after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, however a culmination of over 30 years of research has resulted in development of the Bredesen Protocol which to date is the only program which has been shown to halt progress and improve cognition in some participants. Participants of the original Bredesen Protocol trials who have continued with their programs are still maintaining their cognitive abilities nearly 5 years after reversing their SCI, MCI or Alzheimer's disease.

Note: This is not a cure, however, and we cannot make any claims or guarantees regarding reversing your symptoms of cognitive decline. We present the science and guidelines of the Bredesen Protocol as educators and facilitators (see bottom of page for full disclaimer).

We are trained practitioners in the Bredesen Protocol, are the first to bring this service to Australasia and dedicated to offering this breakthrough program to as many individuals and families as possible. The program is customised to your unique factors by identifying your biological risk factors and metabolic abnormalities, and optimising your physiology as well as supporting you through personal coaching and updating your plan every 3-4 months.

The Reversal Program may be suitable for those who:

  • Has memory loss or other issues with cognition
  • A desire and willingness to improve cognition
  • Have a support network (family, friends, partner)
  • Capable of following a program
  • The best and most consistent improvements have occurred in participants between 45-75 years old and up to early Alzheimer's disease. However, success has been demonstrated in some participants in their 80's who are otherwise fit and healthy and in some participants with up to moderate Alzheimer's disease.
Don't leave it too late - time is of the essence. The trials have shown that the earlier cognitive decline is treated, the better the chance for improvement/reversal. A matter of months has been shown to make a difference between success in treatment or slipping beyond treat-ability. Click the link at the bottom of the page to see how we can help you or your loved one.

Are you interested in assessing suitability for the Reversal Program?


The Reversal Protocol Process

4 Steps to Optimising Your Brain and Reversing Cognitive Impairment

Are you interested in assessing suitability for the Reversal Program?